A Blog…Maybe

“Domain expired” read the email. Our wedding long past, the website domain we bought for the big day “KristinandMatthew.com” was expiring. My mind ticked trying to think of how I could put this to good use. Not many people have a web address consisting of only their first names. A blog? Maybe.

I’ve always liked the idea. You lose so many little details when recalling a trip or event by memory alone. I wrote a blog for several days a few years ago documenting my trip to Hawaii with a college roommate. It was tedious posting every day of the trip but going back and reading it years later is a joy. You forget so many fun memories if you don’t write anything down. Even pictures and videos don’t seem to bring back all the detail and feeling that your own narrative does.

Kristin was lukewarm on the idea. “What would we write about?” she asked. It was a fair question. Our lives are not any more or less exciting than anyone else we know. Still, I liked the idea of cataloging what may seem like mundane details of our lives for later reading. I wonder how many adventures or fun moments with friends and family have slipped our memories.

While Kristin will likely need some more convincing, I can’t think of anything else to do with a web domain too perfect to let expire. A blog it is. Wish us luck.


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