Golden Doodles, Moving Trucks, and Fishing Rods

Wow, what a whirlwind the past few months have been. We haven’t made a blog post since the middle of June! If I wrote in detail about everything that’s happened since then this would be a novel of a post so instead I’ll try and keep it to the highlights.

Golden Doodles

Despite not making it to San Diego back in May when we planned on it we had the rare miracle of Kristin and I both having a full weekend off together at the end June to make it out there. Upon arrival, we were promptly greeted by Teo, the San Diego Simonets’ newest addition to their family, a Golden Doodle.


It’d been quite awhile since we’d been down to see my Uncle Christopher, Aunt Christine, and their three kids, Nico, Brennan, and Eric. Spending some time in the sun surrounded by family was just the getaway we were looking for. We hiked Torrey Pines, went to the San Diego County fair and spent a lot of time in the pool!

Torrey Pines
Eric, Nico, Christopher and Brennan on our hike in Torrey Pines

Moving Trucks

Most of you know but for those that don’t, we moved! Kristin and I had picked out our first apartment together in Bloomington around two years ago and although we were sad to leave it we are overjoyed to have purchased our first home in Woodbury.

We moved the last weekend in August and have been in a constant state of unpacking since then. Despite the mess we really are enjoying owning our own home.

Fishing Rods

Two subjects fit under this heading.

First, Kristin’s parents purchased a gorgeous cabin in Park Rapids back in July. Their old cabin was over 8 hours by car from the Twin Cities so we had only visited one time. Their new cabin is right around 3.5 hours so we’ve already been up there several times fishing, relaxing, and visiting with the Emmons family.

Kristin’s Parents Cabin

It’s a great property on a beautiful lake. The fishing is pretty good too.

Sunset Fishing
Sunset Fishing

Second, last year I went on a fishing trip to Ontario with Mike (father in-law), Steve (brother in-law), and Adam (friend of Mike’s). We decided to go again this year in the middle of August. We went a little further north than last time to a place called Monster Fish Lodge. The beer was cold, food tasty, and fishing great. I even happened to catch my first Muskie, making myself and Kristin the only two in the family to have caught one!

Musky caught on Eagle Lake, Ontario

Around the Corner

I’m not sure the holiday season will really provide us any relief from our increasingly packed schedule, however, getting more settled into our new home should give us some more down time.

Despite the bustle we have so much coming up we are excited for! Two weddings, a climbing trip, Halloween, Thanksgiving, more time with friends/family and…..

Don’t think you’ll escape this blog post without me mentioning that we are closing in on Christmas. Like it or not, Christmas music is already playing at the Simonet house.